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Do you need to sell your home when buying your next one?

When considering purchasing another home, you often assume you must sell your current home. This is not always the case. If you are interested in keeping your existing home when moving on to the next one, let’s review and understand what it entails and the actions you might need to take to allow you to keep your home.


Cash-out refinance, should you consider it?

What is a cash-out mortgage refinance, and how do you know if it is convenient for you? Let’s review these four steps: Understanding the process, home equity as a percentage of your home value, the qualifications for having the cash-out mortgage refinance, and doing your math.


Do you make unnecessary payments to your mortgage lender?

Follow the next four steps and discover if you are overpaying your lender; understand your mortgage payments, mortgage insurance, your home market value, and navigate your options. Mortgage monthly payments You send one monthly payment to your lender. By understanding what your payment entails.


Can you manipulate a loan’s term?

A term of a loan is the time you have to pay off your debt. Common mortgage loan terms are 30, 20, and 15 years, and some lenders offer any number of years between 8 and 30. In three easy understand your options, the advantages and challenges of each, the difference between the term on paper and the actual term, and what it means for you.


Who do you want to pay your mortgage, you or your neighbor?

Most of us have a limited income and need to make budget choices, so what about having your neighbors pay part or all of your mortgage expenses? You must know three things before deciding if this is a good financial path for you.


Five homeowners’ must-knows for saving money

If you are a current homeowner or looking to become a homeowner, make sure you maximize the financial potential of the home, and you definitely do not want to be underwater investing or owning on a home more than it’s worth. Here are the five this you should know:


Leverage your home ownership to secure your home office and peace of mind

In the post-pandemic world, working from home has been normalized, and often the necessity has shifted to working from home by choice, resulting in much-needed office space. The temporary improvisations on the dining table or kitchen counter are not long-term sustainable, and a dedicated space goes a long way in your comfort and productivity.